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Random About Me Post #1

So, I figure that I should probably do a nice light hearted about me post. When you read someone’s blog, you get this really one sided view of them, and it’s distorted and doesn’t give you the entire picture. So…. n number of random facts about me….

– I’ve lived in three countries. I hold two  (soon to be one, fuck the US) citizenships. In a few years, I’ll have two again. It’s complicated.
– I can read a few languages. (English, German, French, Irish, some Italian and Spanish, a bit of Dutch). I am horrible at speaking most of them. Except English. I’m pretty good at that one.
– I have a cat. His name is Turing. Apparently he let another cat in the house over the weekend who has now adopted me. I don’t know, don’t judge me ok?
– I’ve broken 15 bones. I’ve had something like 12 different surgeries. I still have two plates and 13 screws in my body.
– I like motorcycles too much. See above.
– I will never ever ever live in the United States again. Once I was free of that place, a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. It’s kind of nice.
– I like writing code that produces code. It’s kind of fun.
– I drink way too much coffee.
– I’m quitting smoking. It’s hard. Please, if you don’t smoke, never ever start.
– I’ve got a slew of tattoos. Almost all of them deal with birds, even though I’m absolutely terrified of heights.
– I haven’t spoken to my blood family in over two decades. There are a lot of reasons why that is, but suffice to say, my life improved dramatically once they weren’t in it. I’m allergic to toxicity.
– My chosen family is absolutely amazing and I love them LOTS.
– I used to have very severe panic disorder. I mean, I guess I still have it, but I’ve a huge toolbox of tools to deal with it.
– The worst thing I ever had to do was to take one of two lousy choices I was given. I made a decision that kept someone out of harms way but limited my ability to see them. I still hate that I was given no other choices and my heart still breaks thinking about it, but I made the right, responsible choice, even though it broke so many things. Life is like that a lot of times.
– I will never ever become a grown up. I will always be an adult.
– I am not and never will be a fan of the police.
– I don’t trust snakes, but I love reptiles.
– I’ve lived on a few farms and know enough useful skills that the zombie apocalypse doesn’t scare me.
– I want someone to make Zelezny’s Lord of Light into a movie.
– There is one windows machine in my house. I turn it on once every couple of months.
– I’m writing a book. Slowly. I should be done somewhere around 2017 or so.
– I play mountain dulcimer, mandolin and am learning the hurdy gurdy. A long time ago I played bag pipes. Uh, yeah, sorry about that.
– Grilled cheese + black pudding == Yes. Please.
– I get into way too much trouble because I get morally offended by something and then stick my neck out because of it. Ungh.
– I have been in trauma wards twice in my life. I plan on not making that visit again.
– I am of the firm belief that scrapple is vegan. No pig ever died for scrapple.

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